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WOW! The Best Vitamin C Face Cream. [SKIN TIPS]

Top Vitamin C Cream - & Tips To Have Great Skin!

Vitamin C Creams: Most Likely For Flawless Skin

Opting for the right Vitamin C Cream is really all about being wise regarding the individual ingredients and overall ethics of the company!

After all, why purchase something with no real ethical background! Getting the best Any skincare product means paying attention to which particular kinds of formulations are used!

BurgundyOrganics Organic Skincare is A Highly Prized Skincare brand featuring vitamin C!

For example:
Vitamin C creams using ascorbic acid as a base seem natural, however, they quickly go ineffective. Almost any skincare expert will agree with that!

Checking for stable formulations such as:
  • Ascorbyl Glucoside
  • Magnesium Ascorbyl Phosphate
  • Ethyl Ascorbic Acid

Are much wiser ways to get the amazing benefits of Vitamin C based skincare, and most importantly, really ensuring that they last long!
Cream, masque, hydrate, moisturize, nourish, replenish, no wonder we’re all confused about which products are the best ones for us to use for problem skin. Well, don’t stress, I’m going to remove some confusion for you right now. Read on please, no one wants to have or deal with dry, itchy skin. It's a little like how many different products can I use to clean my bathroom?

vitamin c moisturizing face cream tips
A high quality vitamin C face cream!


The purpose of moisturizing, especially with a vitamin c cream for the face is to protect your skin from losing moisture. We are all born with lipid cells, and if there is a disruption in cell production, our skin is going to suffer. Without giving ourselves a skin pathology lesson, lipids are made up of fatty oils and are insoluble in water and are called the hydrophilic region of the cell. Its sister is considered a hydrophobic region. Together, they create a perfect balance. In short, these needed lipids decrease with sun exposure. By the way, this explanation is a shameful oversimplification.

Lipids need essential fatty acids (EFAs), and you can get EFAs through food and in this case, you do not want to lose fat (that's a nice change). You can also get EFAs from Omegas three and six. Via food, EFAs are in meat, eggs, coconut oil, and nuts, to name a few.

Moisturizers should stay on your skin until you shower off; however, pollution and other air quality factors prevent it from working properly. Smooth, soft skin is the result of moisturizing.


Hydrants were created for adding water to your skin and giving it that enviably supple look. All our organs absorb water, and they all take priority over our skin, so you want to be sure you stay fully hydrated. Humectants and aloe help to retain moisture. Humectants draw in air moisture to your skin. Natural humectants are aloe, honey, glycerin and hyaluronic acid.Synthetic humectants are less expensive than natural ones, but they fail to offer your skin any nutritional value, so over time, they can be damaging. I'll avoid the devil in the details and limit this to just a listing of the most popular synthetic humectants.
• Urea is both a preservative and a humectant
• Polyethylene glycols (PEG) is petroleum based and may contain harmful carcinogens.
• Propylene glycol is a by-product of oil and gas refinement. If you have sensitive skin, this ingredient could be irritating and lead to rash and redness.
• Silicones form a film over your skin, which is suffocating. Not allowing your skin to breath will result in acne and other irritating effects.

Now, the question is when you should use cream versus a masque? Well, it's up to you. Benefits of a mosque versus cream are listed for you below:
• Masques are faster than creams, and they have more product,
• Just 15 minutes and your skin will have absorbed the maximum amount,
• Mosques aren’t used daily, once a week or twice a month is fine,
• Masques help to heal blemishes, and are rejuvenating for your skin,
• A mosque is just a piece of soft cloth filled with hydrating ingredients.

If you're someone who likes to wear facial somethings to bed, with the thought that it will perform miraculous acts overnight, I recommend the mosque. There are just no benefits to terrorizing your mate for the sake of your skin. It always confused me that we get up in the morning, try to make ourselves pretty for people we don’t love, and then we sleep with our most beloved one with no makeup, or curlers. I am not suggesting makeup in bed, let your skin breath, but give your mate a break!


• If you can, apply products while your skin is still damp, it helps to lock in the water and reduce evaporation.
• Based on the skin condition and severity, one product may not be adequate.
• Product use is great; it hydrates from the outside to the inside.
• Hydrating from the inside out is of equal importance, drinks lots of water.
• A good moisturizer (preferably a high quality organic vitamin c cream)is essential for oily skin too; it helps to slow oil production that is trying to help your skin but is not.
• Put you “must have” moisturizer where you won't forget to apply it before your makeup.
• When it comes to moisture cream, less is more. Adding more will only clog your pores, and that will lead to a whole other list of problems.
• Don’t forget your neck.

And just so you’ll be fully informed, nourishing products are intended to add moisture content plus nutrients for the health of your skin. The bottom line is that whether you’re young or old, male or female, your skin needs to be both hydrated and moisturized on a regular basis.

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WOW! The Best Vitamin C Face Cream. [SKIN TIPS]

Top Vitamin C Cream - & Tips To Have Great Skin! Vitamin C Creams: Most Likely For Flawless Skin Opting for the right Vitamin C Cr...